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Hair Integrations

A hair integration blends an individual's own hair with a synthetic hair system to create fullness, volume or length.  It is for individuals with thinning hair or hair loss who want to make the most of their natural hair.  An integration is constructed with a cabling system that ensures durability and security while providing a comfortable fit.  The system is placed on the head and your own hair is pulled through the openings in the base, then styled. Combining the hair integration with your natural growing hair secures the system on the head.  Clips, tape or adhesives can be used for added security.  Hair integrations are personally customized in color, size and design.  This type of hair enhancement is used and preferred by many because it is virtually impossible to detect, enables you to use your own hair to blend together with the system, and guarantees maximum comfort in any environment.


Partials are for people with extreme hair loss in a specific area - from cranial surgery or burns, for example.  Partials are designed in various sizes and are offered with many base materials in a vast array of colors.  Although they are similar in size and shape to lower quality wiglets found in departments stores and mail order catalogs, high quality partials are custom designed,  available only through hair replacement studios, and have the appearance of natural hair.

Skin Grafting

This method is the most advanced non-surgical hair replacement treatment. Hair is duplicated to match the clients color, density and texture.  It is then implanted into the scalp in a non-invasive, skin-like membrane hair graft. Each hair is individually implanted so that the shaft emanates from the dermal membrane on a vertical bias. This allows for natural multi-directional hair movement when the hair is wet or dry. The overall end result is indistinguishable from a natural healthy full head of hair.

Hollywood Theatrical Lace

This is a popular procedure used by celebrities worldwide in which hair is attached to a fine lace material, giving the appearance of hair growing from the scalp, especially in the front hairline.



Medical Bonding

A medical adhesive is used to bond the new hair to the existing hair. This type of bonding is favored by those who prefer a very secure attachment, for example, people who enjoy an active lifestyle (water sports, intense exercise, etc.)

Bonding Strips

Transparent medical tapes are used to adhere the hair system directly to the scalp. Great for very active lifestyles.

Hair Lock Systems

Small, unnoticeable clips are sewn under the hair system and are used to secure the system to the client’s existing hair. This allows for a more temporary type of attachment. 

Hair Weaves

Hair extensions can be attached to your own hair by weaving.  This can be done in a single strand method or in wefts (or tracks).  A weft is a grouping of hair that is continuously connected at the top, but free-flowing at the bottom.  Wefts are attached around the periphery of the scalp in appropriate areas.  They can be attached with adhesives, fusion, or be sewn onto existing hair.  As long as the extensions are not so heavy that they tug on the hair or scalp, this is perfectly safe and, when done by a professional, a very attractive option.

Referred By: American Cancer Society, Hospital Cancer Centers, Michigan Hair Salons and Many Satisfied Clients.

Professional Affiliations: The American Hair Loss Council, The National Alopecia Areata Foundation,
Rochester Chamber of Commerce, The "Look Good...Feel Better" Program.

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