Lisa W.

Dear Renata,

As you know, my hair started thinning when I was in high school. When a boy called me "baldy," I realized how bad it was getting. I was always uneasy about being under bright lights or being in the sun (which I love). You could see right through my hair, my scalp would sunburn, and God forbid I ever let anyone (even my husband) see me with my hair wet. Whenever I talked to people, I would watch their eyes and as soon as their eyes went to my scalp, I could feel myself slowly shut down and my confidence drain away.

For years, I searched online to find hair loss products or items that were available to women. It was during this search that I stumbled across Advanced Hair Solutions, and made an appointment for a consultation. You and Pam made me feel so comfortable. I was always afraid to go to a beauty salon to get a haircut because I felt like I was on display. At Advanced Hair Solutions, there is complete privacy. It is obvious that you have made it your life mission to help others and bring back their confidence. You are incredibly knowledgeable in your profession.

It’s only been a year and I am back for a longer hair system because I want versatility. I cannot express how great I feel now that I have all this beautiful hair. Most people think that I just got a different color and style. I was 43 years old before I found Advanced Hair Solutions and I wish I would have found you sooner. I now know that I will live with hair problems no more; it will not define who I am.

I thank you and Pam for being so caring and compassionate, and I will continue to recommend Advanced Hair Solutions to others. No woman should ever have to feel as I did. Thank you again.

Nancy E.

Dear Renata,

It has been four days now and I am still walking on a cloud. My husband and family are so happy for me and the compliments keep coming on my “new do”!!
I have been trying to describe my feelings and the best word I can come up with is "free." Free not to wear a wig, free to answer the door, and most of not to be embarrassed by my appearance. It has been a long time since I don't look years older than I am, and I have you and Pam to thank for that. Your kindness and honesty are so refreshing and I look forward to a long and happy friendship.

Thanks for helping to 'free' me.

Henrietta S.

I did not realize how much my thinning hair controlled my life. I was usually pretty quiet around people, but now I can't stop talking. Even my grandson said, 'I think Grandma took a silly pill.' I said, 'No, it's just my new hair!' I would always notice everyone else's beautiful hair and wished I had it. Well, now I do! The compliments I receive are wonderful. Thank you, Renata, you sure have made a difference in my life!

Cassie O.

Dear Renata,

Seven years ago, I was lucky enough to find your website. I was struggling with the ongoing loss of my hair and the dwindling of my self-confidence. I knew that based on the speed that I was losing my hair, it was time to make the decision to purchase my first wig, and the prospect was confusing, very uncomfortable, and actually terrifying. I was especially concerned about the quality, cost, and most importantly, the availability of the stylist in the event I encountered any problems related to something so new to me!

I can't express how comfortable you made me feel from the first time we met. Alopecia is an extremely difficult disease for a woman to experience, especially when you start to lose your hair in your mid-thirties. As a mom, I found myself required to attend many events. Without the quality products that you have provided me with over the past seven years, I would have never had the confidence to participate in all of those special activities. Let's face it; whether intentional or not, everyone compares themselves to their friends and acquaintances and I found myself feeling very comfortable and confident with my new look.

Your knowledge of the industry and the available products designed to help individuals with their personal needs is an absolute blessing. You have always been there for me and I truly appreciate your expertise and, more importantly, the friendship that we have created over the years.

It is wonderful that the products you have recommended give me total freedom and flexibility. I love the new synthetic system that you suggested I try on my last visit; the hair density is so natural looking and the versatility and comfort allow me to wear it anywhere! And it is so easy to wear that I find myself wearing it daily. The human hair prosthesis that I have worn for years is so natural looking that no one could ever tell that this is not my original hair. The skin-type base is designed so well that it even stays snug on my head on hot, windy days on the boat. Believe it or not, I can even water ski with it on...without using any tape!

Thank you, again! I don't know what I would do without you.

Susan P.

I can’t stop touching my hair”! A comment I make often and one that always has my husband smiling. Five years ago began a new life style for me…I finally had hair that was full, easy to style and carefree. Let me start at the beginning.

Genetically, the women in our family did not get nice hair. I watched my mother, aunts and grandmother struggle with fine hair and finally reaching for dreadful wigs. I tried hair add-ons and, when Rogaine was introduced, I was first in line at the doctors office. All I got from those applications, was baby fine colorless stubble, and a continual sticky scalp. I hated having my picture taken because the flash or sun always seemed to shine on bare scalp!

I could go on about being afraid to get my hair wet or worrying about having enough time to coax another boring style…..really, a “woman’s comb over!”, and the embarrassment of going to a salon and being near a window or among customers who had better hair…not a good experience.

A friend in the medical profession who also has very thin hair, told me about Advanced Hair Solutions salon that SPECIALIZES in thinning hair for women! WOW! I never knew there was such place. I made an appointment for a consultation with Renata. After a lengthy discussion with lots of options offered, I decided this was what I’d always looked for. My system is totally blended into my own hair, it matches my color, I shower with it, sleep with it, run in the rain and don’t worry about the style because this hair is part of me. We love water sports so I swim, dive, & enjoy boating, all without worrying how my hair looks because NOW I have hair to work with and style.

The best part is having perfect strangers come up and compliment my hair style! Sometimes I share that it isn’t all my own hair, and then I REALLY get the compliments. No one knows you’ve been enhanced unless you want to share. And I just keep on smiling, as does my husband.

Be nice to yourself, and call Advanced Hair Solutions to speak with Renata and Pam. They are the experts that are so kind, caring, and know how to help. Every appointment is 1 on 1 in a lovely private room. Courtesy and observing your privacy is paramount at all times.

Kathy P.

You have changed my life! My hair was so thin and fine that no matter how many hair thickening products I used it was just not enough to cover my bald spots. I consulted with many doctors and tried every product, but nothing worked until I walked into Advanced Hair Solutions. I immediately felt comfortable. For the first time someone honestly understood how seriously hair loss can affect every aspect of your life. It has been only one short week since I walked out of Advanced Hair Solutions a whole new person and what a wonderful week I have had! I feel like a new person. I no longer avoid looking in the mirror. I get up in the morning, shampoo, blow dry and with a few quick touches of the curling iron, I am ready to go. Who knows, maybe I'll even get in family pictures again!

Agatha E.

After going through a bone marrow transplant, my hair did not grow back very well. I had to wear wigs and bandanas for three years. While having some work done in our home, a gentleman introduced me to a woman, whose daughter was a client at Advanced Hair Solutions. I met with Renata in January of 2005 and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have hair again that I can wash and style. It gave me my life back! You can see the change for yourself! I did not know these wonderful options were even available and encourage anyone experiencing hair loss to visit Advanced Hair Solutions.

Nikki C.

I've tried everything from topical sprays and vitamins to medications. Nothing worked. I was in middle school when my hair started getting thin. I would spend hours combing it back, setting it in place and using so much hairspray so it wouldn't budge. I wore bandanas every day that I wasn't in school. Kids made fun and always asked teasing questions. No one knew what I was going through - no one felt or understood my pain. I gave up hope and became depressed. I had lost any self confidence I had. Then, after I graduated the eighth grade, my mother discovered Advanced Hair Solutions and a woman named Renata, who, from that day on, will never be forgotten. She changed my life forever.

My first appointment was amazing. The atmosphere was great and friendly. Renata and Pam were so kind and greeted me with open arms. As I told them my problem, they knew where I was coming from and how I felt. Renata explained the process, how everything would play out, and how to care for my system, in great detail. I felt so taken care of.

Renata picked out the most perfect system for me (which I still stick with even today). Renata and Pam were always interested in me and in time, they became part of my family. I then started high school - where hair mattered most. I walked in with confidence and felt so good. I got many compliments on the cut and the color, even to this day. I never realized how much hair mattered. It makes a person and it makes a person feel good. My system became a part of me - completed me. It was "my" hair. I am now in college and looking back, when my family or friends couldn't sympathize with me, Renata did, and I believed in her. She told me my life would change and I would be happier, and she was so right.

I will never be able to thank her enough, I am forever grateful. Thank you, Renata! You are a gift from above, a true miracle! Keep up the great work and keep on changing people's lives!

Julie K.

"Simply wonderful!"


My hair is extremely thin and has no redeeming qualities. Two hours after washing, it plasters to my head and takes on the look of Howdy Doody's painted on "do". If you check out my before photo you will see how hair my recedes on the sides and at the forehead. It's been this way all of my life. For more years than I can remember, I wanted real actual hairstyle -- a way of wearing my hair that looked like I did it on purpose -- a style with a name. At last, thanks to Renata, I have a 'bob'...a real actual 'BOB'! And the beauty of it is that no one would guess that it isn't all my real hair.

A friend of mine who knew how I felt about my hair, suggested that I make an appointment at Advanced Hair Solutions. Renata fitted my first system at that appointment. Although I was thrilled by how my new hair looked, I was a bit frightened by how people might react. There was no reason to worry, my system is so natural looking that they complemented me on the great new haircut. No one realized that I had gotten a hair system. That was three years ago. I'm still thrilled with my hair and wouldn't think of going back to my natural hair. There's been a side benefit too...I've gotten to know Renata and Pam, and value their friendship and professionalism.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I LOVE my hair. Rob is so pleased and excited with his new 'hot wife' and took me out to a nice restaurant last night to celebrate. It was wonderful to sit there in public looking beautiful and not having to wear a hat! When I woke up this morning and I walked past my mirror, I just had to look and admire my new 'do'. It even looks good in the morning all messy! Renata, you made me feel so comfortable and I want to thank you so much. I feel wonderful!

My name is Bernadette Hymes and I had Breast Cancer approximately 2 ½ years ago. I came to Advanced Hair Solutions and bought the most beautiful wig and was treated so kindly that I will never forget my experience.

Since then I have been asked several times where I got my wig. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved my wig. So I am always giving out your company name to people that are currently going through cancer or just want something different. I also tell everyone about the "eyebrow" solution that I used as well. It worked!!

Anyhow, I am doing fine and, of course, have my own hair that I always try and style just like the wig-haha. But the reason for my letter is to ask if you could please send me some cards with Advanced Hair Solutions number, so that when I do refer you I have something to give them. I would greatly appreciate it and I will continue to refer your wonderful place of business in the future.

Hi Renata,

I would like to share with you that I love, love, love--and oh did I say love--the new system I purchased! I had it on when Jim came home last night and he thinks it's great too. I was a bit apprehensive about putting it on this morning but found that it went on very effortlessly. I also had some concerns that it may feel uncomfortable but as I sit here wearing it, unless I think about it, I wouldn't even know it was there. I look forward to being able to let my hair grow a few inches and get back that feminine look and feel of longer locks. Thank you so much. I'm going to go out now and show off my full head of hair.

As I was going through chemotherapy, Pam at Advanced Hair solutions was a compassionate friend, as well as expert hair consultant. She was always sunny and optimistic as she encouraged me through the process of shaving my head and finding the perfect wig for me. The wig was a great color and style, as well as comfortable. I received many compliments on it and most people could not believe it was not my own hair. Pam's expertise and cheerful spirit gently led me through what could have been a very traumatic experience.

Losing my hair from chemotherapy was very devastating. The hospital’s cancer center recommended Advanced Hair Solutions. Words are inadequate for me to describe the wonderful experience I had. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, but mostly for making me look so good!

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  • Losing my hair from chemotherapy was very devastating. The hospital’s cancer center recommended Advanced Hair Solutions. Words are inadequate for me to describe the wonderful experience I had. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, but mostly for making me look so good!

    — Pat

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