Advanced Hair Solutions’ Annual Summer Wig Sale is Back!
07 / 28 / 20

Advanced Hair Solutions’ Annual Summer Wig Sale is Back!

Experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy treatment, or other medically-related conditions? Or, simply want a fashionable new look for “lazy hair days” and are considering an attractive wig? Now is the perfect time to visit Advanced Hair Solutions. Enjoy hot summer savings of 20-50% off every wig in stock now through the end of August!

With over 500 wigs in stock—including human hair, synthetic, monofilament, hand-tied and lace-front wigs—there’s something for everyone. We offer a wide selection of elegant wigs that have been handcrafted with such care that they’re guaranteed to look and feel natural.

Our team of talented and friendly stylists can help guide you every step of the way and we take the necessary time to make sure the style, fit, and look works wonderfully for you.

We also offer custom-made prostheses to our clients. Custom-made wigs are almost indistinguishable from natural hair. A custom-made wig should fit you as well as a tailor-made dress or suit—because it’s been made just for you. A prosthesis that is Full Custom is fashioned by using specific measurements taken by one of our hair replacement specialists. From those measurements, a mold of the scalp is created and used to design the custom-made prosthesis. Because it is made specifically for you, you have endless styling alternatives. A Full Custom prosthesis takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.

For individuals who are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy treatment, we suggest that you consult with one of our hair replacement specialists before losing your hair so that your preferred color, style and length of your wig can be determined. This way, you will have already made preparations for impending hair loss and will be able to manage it at the time of your choosing. Together, we can provide the fashionable, professionally-styled look you desire.

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