Dry Shampoo and Hair Loss Prevention
08 / 14 / 19

Dry Shampoo and Hair Loss Prevention

Thinning hair happens to all of us at some point in our lives. Once our hair begins to thin, whether due to aging, illness, or genetics, we start to treat our hairlines and crowns in a far more gentle way then we did prior to our hair loss. At Advanced Hair Solutions, our hair loss specialists understand the many different solutions men and women take to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Lately, our clients have been asking about dry shampoo and hair loss prevention. So, let's clear up a few questions about hair loss and dry shampoo. Does it help? Hurt? Or are there better choices?

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a powder or spray that removes excess oil from the hair on your head. Dry shampoo is used when you are low on time or if water is unavailable. It is generally not something that is used every day because it lacks the conditioning and cleansing elements found in traditional shampoos.

What Do the Studies Say?

Scientific studies and first-hand accounts from dermatologists, hair care experts and others do not make a direct connection between hair loss and dry shampoo. The reason has to do with the product's purpose. Dry shampoo removes oil from hair, and when applied correctly, it does not block pores, hair follicles or injure the scalp. Dermatologists are quick to add that even if dry shampoo gets in contact with a person's scalp, there is no direct correlation between contact with dry shampoo ingredients and hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by genetic conditions or illnesses, not clogged follicles or dandruff. It is not caused by clogged follicles or dandruff. It isn't even caused by a build-up of hair oils or other external, non-traumatic forces. So why use dry shampoo at all? If you are camping or want to save water, then dry shampoo is a good stand-by between hair washes.

How Does a Person Use It?

Dry shampoo typically comes in spray form. It is used by spraying the contents at a safe distance from your scalp and toward your hair’s roots. Then, you brush it through your hair to remove excess oils.

Some mistakes people make when using the product include:

  • Not reading product directions
  • Applying too close to the scalp
  • Not allowing the product to dry before brushing hair

Should I Use It?

If dry shampoo is used too often there is a possibility that it will increase hair fragility. Hair oil is a good thing. It keeps hair naturally conditioned, pliable and strong. Without the right amount of oil, hair can break, split or lose its luster.

If you are concerned about hair loss, speak to a hair loss specialist before using dry shampoo. Fortunately, our hair loss specialists are ready to answer questions and to provide personalized complimentary consultations. We know that not every one's hair type, thinning pattern or causes of hair loss are the same.

Advanced Hair Solutions offer a range of options for men and women who want to rejuvenate their hair. We offer a variety of different solutions, including non-surgical hair restoration systems. Solutions range from cosmetic improvements to systemic treatments that address any underlying scalp or medical concerns. Whether you are seeking hair restoration systems, wigs, extensions, laser hair therapy or scalp treatments and supplements, Advanced Hair Solutions offers a customized approach that suits your lifestyle. We know there are many options available to clients and we work to keep clients informed of their choices.

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