A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and it can affect any man at any age. A large number of those male cancer patients will be treated with chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other normal cells in your body, including cells in your hair roots.

During chemotherapy, there can be a wide range of reactions to the drugs. Some men experience mild thinning of their hair that no one can really notice. For others, hair loss can be extensive, affecting everywhere on the body, including the eyelashes, eyebrows, arm and leg hair, underarm hair, and even pubic hair.

Even if you’re a guy who doesn’t give much thought to your hairstyle – one of those shampoo-and-go types – you may be unhappy about the possibility of partial or total hair loss caused by cancer treatments. After helping countless men at Advanced Hair Solutions, we know the concern is very normal and we understand the negative ramifications of chemotherapy-induced hair loss. The change in your physical appearance will most certainly be unwelcome, but that doesn’t mean it’s untreatable. For the last 20 years, we have provided a number of treatment options for men experiencing medically-related hair loss.

When you place your trust in Advanced Hair Solutions, please know that our dedicated team will spend as much time as needed to present a completely customized hair replacement solution that will work just for you. Rest assured, we will be with you every step of the way.

When hair loss is minimal or moderate, a hair system can be a great option. Woven into your existing hair, a hair system can give the appearance of fullness with a very natural appearance.

For total hair loss, a cranial hair prosthesis is ideal. Designed specifically for individuals suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition, they are almost indistinguishable from natural hair. A custom prosthesis contains a combination of fabrics and compounds that are used to re-create normal hair growth patterns and a natural-looking scalp. All materials in the prosthesis are treated to resist dirt, oils and bodily acids while providing maximum comfort. These systems are very versatile, comfortable and durable; there will be no need to limit your favorite activities.

We offer complimentary consultation and expert assistance in the selecting and fitting of custom prostheses. We suggest that you consult with one of our hair replacement specialists before losing your hair so that your preferred color, style, and length can be determined. In that way, you will have already made preparations for impending hair loss and will be able to manage it at the time of your choosing in a seamless transition.

Eyebrow Hair Loss

In addition to scalp hair loss, cancer patients may also lose their eyebrows. Without eyebrows, the face has less expression and the facial characteristics are less distinguished. The few options—makeup, tattoos, artificial eyebrows adhered to the skin—are very unsatisfactory and unnatural, especially for men.

So, at Advanced Hair Solutions we offer our clients a clinically-tested and patented product called EES- Essential Eyebrow Solution® which is used cosmetically to address eyebrow thinning or potential eyebrow loss, while conditioning and revitalizing the brows. The clinical trial results, published in PRIME medical journal, showed that 91% of the 117 enrolled cancer patients retained 50-100% of their eyebrow hair while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, despite experiencing full body hair loss elsewhere.

Since it is recommended that you start using EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution prior to your chemotherapy for best results, contact us for information once you are scheduled for treatment, or visit the EES website.

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If you are facing the prospect of chemotherapy or radiation treatment, we want you to know that there are a number of options available to restore natural-looking hair and to look your best. Take the first step by calling Advanced Hair Solutions in Auburn Hills, MI to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’re here to help you.