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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

The American Hair Loss Council reports that one woman out of every four is losing her hair. This process can begin as early as adolescence and continue into early adulthood, and is so common now that by age 35, about 40% of all women show signs of thinning hair. More than 30 million women are facing this problem and it wreaks havoc on their self-esteem and confidence.

There are many potential causes of hair loss including thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies, stress and menopause. However, a vast majority of women experiencing hair loss can attribute it to androgenetic alopecia – or hereditary hair thinning.

If you are a woman struggling with hair loss, please know that there are many options available to restore your hair and your confidence in your appearance. We’re here to help! We’d like to invite you to our salon for a completely private, no-obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our hair replacement specialists to discuss potential causes of your hair loss and then help you select an appropriate plan of action.

You don’t have to settle for thinning hair. At Advanced Hair Solutions in Auburn Hills, there is always a positive way forward.

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Female hair loss is often demoralizing. As you notice your hair start to thin, it can make you feel frustrated and helpless; you may even lose some of your sense of confidence and worry that you’ll never get it back. Fortunately, there is no longer any reason to settle for not looking your best.

A number of hair loss treatments are available and, for the last 20 years, we at Advanced Hair Solutions have enjoyed providing these solutions to women throughout the Metro Detroit area.

The first step is to simply schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation at our salon. In a comfortable and private environment, we can discuss your hair loss concerns. Our conversation will be focused on determining possible causes of your hair loss. Our approach is to treat each client’s needs on an individual basis – there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hair loss and hair loss treatments.

For example, your stylist may recommend a haircut using special cutting techniques designed for fine, thinning hair which can help you look your best despite the changes in your hair volume or texture. Our certified trichology specialists might recognize a scalp condition which may be contributing to your hair loss and recommend appropriate steps in order to create a healthier scalp environment. This can be supported with specially formulated supplements and topically applied products. For those who are candidates, laser hair therapy may also be beneficial. If we suspect your hair loss may be due to an underlying medical condition, we may offer you the contact information of a physician who understands women’s hair loss issues, so you can decide if you want to investigate that possibility.

For women who have more extensive hair loss or like the idea of a quick, dramatic, and exciting new look, we provide a number of other non-surgical hair loss options including: hair extensions and toppers, natural-looking hair replacement systems, and a large selection of synthetic and human hair wigs. We also offer custom solutions for women who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Forget what you thought you knew about these options—the artificial look of the past is gone. You’ll be amazed at how attractive and stylish toppers, extension, wigs and systems can be.

No matter the extent of your hair loss and no matter its underlying cause, there are always hair restoration treatments that can help you look and feel fabulous. The options are numerous and we are dedicated to help you find the right one for you.


Contact our stylists for a FREE consultation in our Auburn Hills studio!

Hair restoration doesn’t come in a neat, one-size-fits-all package. Rather, it’s something we tailor to the needs of each client. If you are struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, we will work one-on-one with you to find the absolutely perfect hair loss treatment or hair replacement solution to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Contact Advanced Hair Solutions today to schedule a free, no-obligation hair loss evaluation and consultation.


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  • Losing my hair from chemotherapy was very devastating. The hospital’s cancer center recommended Advanced Hair Solutions. Words are inadequate for me to describe the wonderful experience I had. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, but mostly for making me look so good!

    — Pat

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