A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. It can affect anyone at any age. Many individuals diagnosed with cancer will undergo chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy-induced hair loss (alopecia) can be profoundly traumatic, and ranks among the most psychologically challenging side-effects of cancer treatment.

If you lose your hair because of chemotherapy or radiation, we understand and appreciate the emotional ramifications. But please allow us to assure you that there is hope and there is help.

When you place your trust in Advanced Hair Solutions, you instantly put yourself into the hands of a highly caring, dedicated team. We understand that you have very personal needs and we’ll spend as much time as needed so that we may present a completely customized hair replacement solution that will work just for you. We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Services

We offer complimentary consultation and expert assistance in selecting and fitting of wigs and prostheses. We suggest that you consult with one of our hair replacement specialists before losing your hair so that your preferred color, style and length can be determined. This way, you will have already made preparations for impending hair loss and will be able to manage it at the time of your choosing. Together, we can provide the fashionable, professionally-styled look you desire.

Synthetic & Human Hair Wigs

Gone are wigs of the past. No more machine-stitched rows of artificial-looking nylon fibers that not only gave one an unflattering appearance, but irritated the scalp. Now women and men can wear a hair prosthesis that is handcrafted with such care that it is guaranteed to look and feel natural. Hair replacement technology is so advanced now that many women wear wigs on occasion just for a fashionable new look or to appear at their best.

To accommodate personal style, Advanced Hair Solutions offers a large selection of both synthetic and human hair prostheses and wigs. We have carefully chosen products that are designed to be stylish, beautiful, and comfortable, with rich color and distinctive highlights. When you select a prosthesis, we take the necessary time to make sure the style, fit, and look works for you. With our assistance, you are free to create, invent, or reinvent your look. You are totally in control.

Custom Cranial Prostheses

A custom-made cranial hair prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for individuals suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition. A prosthesis contains a combination of fabrics and compounds that are used to re-create natural hair growth patterns and the look of the scalp. All materials in the prosthesis are treated to resist dirt, oils and bodily acids while providing maximum comfort. These systems are so versatile, comfortable and durable, there will be no need to limit your favorite activities.

A prosthesis that is Full Custom is made from specific measurements taken by a hair professional. A custom mold can be made of the head to duplicate one's shape and contour for a precise fit. These systems allow for many options including: size, color and materials which can be altered to fit a specific need. Because of its overall versatility, there are many styling alternatives. A Full Custom prosthesis takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.


“Losing my hair from chemotherapy was very devastating. The hospital’s cancer center recommended Advanced Hair Solutions. Words are inadequate for me to describe the wonderful experience I had. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, but mostly for making me look so good!” ~ Pat



Designer Headwear

Designer headwear is not just a cover-up any longer. Now there are many ways to show your style. Turbans, hats, scarves, and headbands – with or without hair – offer many looks and are available at Advanced Hair Solutions. All are made with comfortable material for sensitive scalps and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Hair Systems or Toppers

Not all chemotherapy drugs cause total hair loss. The degree of your hair loss depends on a number of factors including:

  • The drugs or combination of drugs you receive
  • Dose of chemotherapy
  • How often the chemotherapy is given
  • The route of administration
  • Your individual makeup: Some people are more likely to lose their hair than others, even with the same doses of the same drugs

For individuals who experience partial hair loss, a hair system or topper could be a perfect solution. These systems are designed to add fullness in specific areas where hair is thin. 

Eyebrow Hair Loss

In addition to scalp hair loss, cancer patients may also lose their eyebrows. Eyebrow hair loss results in cosmetic changes that can cause substantial emotional distress in cancer patients.

Until recently, there were few satisfactory options for the loss of eyebrows in connection with chemotherapy treatment. Frequently employed remedies included stencils to draw/pencil in an eyebrow, tattoos, or artificial hairs shaped like an eyebrow, which were adhered to the skin. Unnatural replacements which look artificial and offer no range of emotion or facial expressions do little to improve the psychological and emotional sequelae associated with alopecia.

Advanced Hair Solutions is pleased to offer EES- Essential Eyebrow Solution®, a clinically-tested and patented product that is used cosmetically to address eyebrow thinning or potential eyebrow loss, while conditioning and revitalizing the brows. The EES clinical trial data was published in PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine. The results demonstrated that 91% of the 117 enrolled cancer patients retained 50-100% of their eyebrow hair while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, despite experiencing full body hair loss elsewhere. 

Look Good Feel Better

Working with those who have cancer is something we care about deeply. Since 2005, the team at Advanced Hair Solutions has proudly volunteered for The Look Good Feel Better® Foundation, a public service organization that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Our team has led such workshops at two local hospitals.

Thousands of volunteer beauty professionals support Look Good Feel Better. All volunteers are trained and certified by the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the Professional Beauty Association at local, statewide and national workshops. Other volunteer health care professionals and individuals also give their time to the program.

The team at Advanced Hair Solutions continues to support the good work of the Look Good Feel Better Foundation by providing our clients who are experiencing chemotherapy-related hair loss with beauty techniques to help them manage the changes in appearance that often come with cancer treatment.

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For women who are going through cancer treatments, hair loss may seem inevitable—and it can be psychologically damaging. The good news is, there are plenty of solutions to help you recover the hair you’ve lost and to once again look like yourself. If you're scheduled to undergo chemotherapy treatment and would like more information about managing potential scalp and eyebrow hair loss, please contact us to schedule an appointment for a FREE private consultation.