Women often like to daydream about how they might style, cut, color, and wear their hair. They never dream of losing it. For many women, hair loss is a sad reality—but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. There are ways to restore your beauty and confidence and one of the most popular options is a hair restoration system – also known as hair replacements, hair pieces, or hair toppers.

At Advanced Hair Solutions, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of non-surgical hair systems to our clients. For those with extensive hair loss who would like the appearance of a full head of hair, replacement systems offer a nearly instant solution. Hair systems can work for both men and women. In fact, more and more women are opting for hair systems over wigs because they are more comfortable and have a very natural appearance.

Another commonly worn system for women is a hair integration system, which blends an individual’s own hair with a system to create fullness, volume or length. This option is ideal for women with thinning hair who want to make the most of their natural hair.

A hair integration is constructed with a cabling system that provides durability and security with a comfortable fit. The system is placed on your head and your own hair is brushed through the openings in the base. This procedure combines the hair integration with your natural growing hair, securing it on your head. If added security is desired, clips, tape, or adhesives can be used.

Hair integrations are personally customized in color, size and design to meet your specific needs. This type of hair enhancement is used and preferred by many women because it is virtually impossible to detect, enables you to blend your own hair with the integration system, and offers maximum comfort in any environment.

For women who have extreme hair loss in a specific area – from cranial surgery or burns, for example, partial systems work very well. They are available in various sizes and are offered in many base materials and colors.

For the last 20 years, Advanced Hair Solutions has worked closely with the world’s leading laboratories to design beautiful hair systems for our clients. Whether you want to add a bit of length, cover an area of thinning, or pursue a complete custom prosthesis, our team has the tools and expertise to make restoring your hair as easy and painless as possible.

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