Women faced with hair loss are hardly low on options; these days, there are numerous treatments that can restore volume and length. What’s more, many of these treatments are available without the need for surgical intervention. We are proud to offer these non-surgical hair loss solutions at Advanced Hair Solutions—allowing you to once again enjoy a healthy-looking head of hair, without the need for any invasive procedure.

The best way to examine the available treatments is to meet with us at our salon, where we are always happy to have completely private, one-on-one conversations with our
clients and to recommend custom solutions.

We can help you determine whether a hair system, such as a topper or extensions, would be the best treatment for your hair loss. In addition to the hair systems options, we can also share with you the merits of non-surgical hair grafts or Micro Point Link.

No matter the extent of your hair loss, and no matter its underlying cause, we can help find a solution—and we assure you it will be safe, proven, and effective. And, best of all, it will be beautiful!

Non-Surgical Hair Graft

Historically, hair grafting has required surgical intervention—but that’s no longer the case. Today, we can secure hair to your scalp without the need for a transplant or any kind of surgical incision. Not surprisingly, the non-surgical hair graft is one of our most popular women’s hair loss solutions.

Here’s how it works: strands of hair that match your color, texture and density are individually implanted in a transparent, breathable, skin-like membrane. Our hair re-placement specialists seamlessly blend the new hair with your existing hair using a medical-grade adhesive. Then your hair is expertly cut, shaped and styled to give you an attractive, flattering look.

This versatile option can be used anywhere on the scalp to resolve areas of partial or complete baldness. A custom solution moves, lays, and styles just like your natural hair. You have total freedom to style it in different ways, swim in it—even ride in a convertible. The end result is so lifelike and real, nobody will know you’ve had a graft—nobody but you!

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Women’s hair loss can be devastating, but it never has to be permanent. Countless clinical options await you—all of them providing amazing results without any need for surgical intervention. To learn more about the non-surgical hair loss solutions we provide, contact us today in our Auburn Hills studio to schedule your complimentary consultation.